Our Services

We perform the following services:

  • Local and international moving
  • Receiving and shipping of cargo
  • Loose cargo packaging
  • Tailor made wooden crates
  • Handling and processing of commercial cargo
  • Packaging and shipping of Art Pieces
  • Customs Service
  • Container haulage


  • The Services offered for Moving Household Goods cover the following:
  • Inspection at no cost to determine the volume and special needs of the household goods to be sent.
  • Information about the necessary requirements or documents in the country of destination, in order not to cause delay in the reception of your belongings.
  • Packaging of household items appropriately according to the method of transportation.
  • Contracting of insurance, through international companies specializing in household goods.
  • Loading the container with personal effects.
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for the sending of the articles to ensure proper transit through customs.
  • Confirmation and follow-up on the delivery of the goods from your home to the shipping agent.
  • We have wide moving companies worldwide ensuring in this way the continuity of excellence in service.


Services offered for the arrival of household items:

  • Receipt of household goods from all over the world for the ports and airports of Panama.
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation and completion of the forms through a Certified Customs Agent.
  • Delivery of household items in the residence, office, warehouse or where the client requests it at the national level.
  • Placement of the furniture and personal effects requested by the client.
  • Removal of all residuals remaining after delivery.
  • Preparation of insurance claim documents, if necessary.


  • We offer packaging services for smaller shipments.
  • We will evaluate and recommend the type of packaging to use depending on volume and special needs depending on the type of merchandise.


Wooden crates are ideal for the handling of large and heavy products via maritime exportation. We manufacture all types of wood packaging generally used for the protection of fragile articles and long term storage. The wooden crates are tailor-made, so we meet your specific needs, a personalized study is carried out taking into consideration basic characteristics such as weight, dimensions, means of transport and handling.


We have a staff that will meet all your needs making the changes of residence in Panama fast organized and insurance.


We are aware of the treatment and the appropriate techniques for each type of art work or cultural good. Our work guarantees the integrity of your art work, its protection and security in those cases in where transfer are required or handling.

We pack, manipulate and transport your works of art in general and exhibitions, and for this we have internationally certified personnel by creating strategic alliances with organizations, that ensure the management of all your works of art.

Packaging is the most important element for the safety of the art work; this is done with specific materials taking into account the characteristics of each particular piece. We offer the appropriate packaging, whether they are delicate packaging with paper and bubble wrap, carton packs according to your wishes. Our qualified staff takes into account all the requirements to ensure maximum safety, quality and conservation of your art objects.


Our teams of professionals in the planning area have learned to meet the needs and requirements in terms of time and costs in relation to the cargo transport service. It is designed for each client seeking for the most efficient and convenient way to move your shipments around the world under the concept of "just in time".

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